In case you don´t know – now you know! I love Arise MAG! I have all issues and can´t get enough.

Africa´s Global Style & Culture Magazine appeals to young, educated and affluent readers who demand to be instantly informed about important news and changes in Africa and Africans around the world.

Reasons why I give high credits to this magazine, is that it was just about time, to have a magazine like this. I would say that Arise is a good addition to the African American periodicals, like Ebony, Essence and more.

The reader is provided with a positive portrayal of the continent and its contribution to contemporary society across the world. Its editorial content stands out for their focus in Africa, the US and Europe, which makes me feel more connected, as I can identify with its culture.

The content is intellectual and celebrates fashion more as an art form, than an example of excessive materialism. The Afropolitan lifestyle is addressed and encouraged throughout feature articles, photography and different cultures.

Since Arise is a Nigerian but UK based publication, its content is dominated by developments in Nigeria. On the whole, I am quite impressed that other African countries do not fall short here on news coverage.

If as African or not, as long as you want to know more about “us”, better start subscribing. Education is the key and has no end. The magazine can be purchased for 3.50£ in the UK as also distributed worldwide. Germany – it is about time to stock this magazine!


Raphael Saadiq – Good Man

Most women get comfortable knowing how much they are being loved by a good man. And if they get fed up with this “boring” relationship, some sadly end up doing crazy things. Question yourself why you can´t show love and try make changes instead of making him look bad. Ladies don´t get mad and shallow about every man, because THERE ARE GOOD MEN! Show love!