Upcoming events – Not to miss


The Ghana Union Düsseldorf in collaboration with Ghana Council NRW and Verein Junger-Deutsch-Afrikaner are cordially inviting the community to a special conference on Saturday, 1st October 2016 in Düsseldorf which will be followed by a cultural festival.

The associations mentioned above are platforms used to support and encourage Ghanaians in NRW, especially the youth, on education and socio-economic issues.

The main goal is to support and empower Ghanaians in the diaspora to tackle and find sustainable solutions to social problems. It also aims to aid the Ghanaians, Africans in general with smooth and better integration into NRW while maintaining and sustaining their original cultures.

The focus of this year´s premier inaugural conference and festival is to encourage and engage the youth in activities that would lead to growth and better integration of the African diaspora a particularly in NRW.

Your active participation will be hugely appreciated as it would help to create and promote more awareness.

The day is fully planned out, ranging from dialogues between attorneys and youths, to rich cultural displays, open discussions, music, food and dance.

All members of German NRW community as well people from diverse nations and cultures are welcomed so feel free to come to support and participate in the development and strengthening of the network of the African diaspora in NRW.

Links: http://www.vjda.de/, https://www.eine-welt-netz-nrw.de/seiten/528/, https://ghanaforumnrw.wordpress.com/, http://ghanacouncilnrw.wix.com/04, http://ugag-1.de/AboutUgag/