Quote Of The Day

“In the cycle of nature there is no such thing as victory or defeat: there is only movement. When the human heart understands this, it is free and able to accept difficult times and not be deceived by moments of glory.”

Coelho, Paul. (2012). Manuscript found in Accra. London: Harper, pp. 20-21

What´s next? Africa or Europe?

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The reputation of the education system in the United Kingdom attracts students from all over the world. Universities provide internationally recognised qualifications of the highest standard. Every year thousands of Africans gain admission and graduate at various universities in the UK. Scholarships are being offered and universities are constantly updating their courses. International students form a part of representing the British cross-cultural society.

As African students of Middlesex University being interviewed by me, they will share their view on the next career step as African graduate.

What´s next?

Marie: “In Europe, I have an advantage and benefit more with my qualification as biomedical scientist. Compare to my hometown, studying in Europe will give me the advantage to investigate the causes of illness before it actually breaks out. Although in Nigeria, they mostly start the curing process whilst the illness has almost progressed. So, if I relocate it does not necessarily have to be Nigeria or Africa, as I have my doubts about relocating. I think that in Nigeria I wouldn´t be paid well, since the importance of my degree might be estimated.”

Sharonnita: “I am planning of moving to Ghana after continuing with Masters in Marketing and Management. I think Ghana is the place to be, since I know that Africans in general are more fearful about their diaspora graduating in the Europe. I can develop personally and have a bright future, because there is an advantage of moving to Ghana by a young age. My concern about the healthcare service, regarding the road and its science; is one of the reasons that draws my attention on the importance of returning students. It would be sad to witness an epidemical brain drain of Ghana, West Africa and the whole continent.” there is a danger of an African “brain drain”, since too many students stay in the UK or USA. Looking at the impact on the decision to stay, depends on the payment.

Princess: “My aim is to start a career firstly in London. I am undertaking a Bachelor degree in Hospitality and Tourism. I was born in Ghana and raised in London. My first choice, when moving away would be Ghana. It is quite easy for an African student graduated in Europe, to adapt it and make use of the more diversed mentality. Ghana needs people with fresh ideas and I firmly believe to achieve a lot myself as to the extent that the country benefits as well.”

Marie J.:“I will surely continue my masters in the UK and live here for 5 years. Settling in Gambia would provide me with a better quality of life. I appreciate and look out for being part of it. The economy in Gambia is bad, so I think I could establish my career as marketing and communication expert in Gambia.

Oguntimehin: “I would be most likely to go back, since I am aware of having a better chance with my degree as business information system manager in Nigeria. The way how it is being taught in Nigeria is not comparable to the UK. The IT industry is smaller compare to the UK. The payment in Nigeria is good, because the companies are assure of financial issues. I am confident to return back, because I can help my hometown to gain other educational skills to improve the teaching system and contribute with the growth of the IT industry.