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So, 17. Mai. Firmung in Style. I love God. I love Fashion. I love life. Sorry for the size of my head wrap, but that´s the way it goes when going the Nigerian style. 😉 Have an open heart. Have an open mind. Respect all nations. Respect all religion. Just be yourself. Life is to short to worry, hate and all sorts of negativity. Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu… whatever your faith is, be happy, proud and respect to all and everyone. 😉

Quote Of The Day

“In the cycle of nature there is no such thing as victory or defeat: there is only movement. When the human heart understands this, it is free and able to accept difficult times and not be deceived by moments of glory.”

Coelho, Paul. (2012). Manuscript found in Accra. London: Harper, pp. 20-21

Mr Perfect is the Mr Appropriate

We all come with baggage, we all have a past and in the fullness of time we shall disclose all. We all want the same thing: a nice someone to spend our days and nights with. God will give us what we deserve, not what we want. You might get someone God wants you to change to a better person or to help you yourself making positive changes in your life. Pray to god to get your answers and ask him to open your eyes to acknowledge what is right for you in the right time. Open your heart and judge each potential partner on their merit- don’t let false expectations stop you from receiving the love of a lifetime. There is no Mr. Perfect, but the appropriate one.

Saying yes to love is saying yes to life. It is affirming that only by choosing to experience the good and bad sides of life, you will be able to experience life´s richest rewards.

If you seek love, you have to be willing to accept the whole package, the work and the struggles as well as the joys.

Ghanaian architect

Young black men out there: be inspired and encouraged to achieve your dreams!

British Ghanaian architect David Adjaye received the title of OBE (Order of the British Empire) from the Queen for services to British architecture. Also, he currently holds a Visiting Professor post at Princeton University.

Adjaye´s work spans exhibitions, private homes and artist collaborations.

Just to list a few of his buildings:

–          home for the designer Alexander McQueen

–          The Upper Room for Tate Britan Museum

–          Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver

–          the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo

–          National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington



Why I love(d) Volunteering

Vounteering shouldn´t be seen as a solution to a problem but as an opportunity to give your time, energy and experience to help something to happen that you think is important to gain valuable knowledge, experience and skills. If lucky, you will be able to do both.

The question that you should be asking yourself at first would be that: Do you want to learn new skills? Do you want to support a local, national or global cause? Do you want to learn more about a particular area of work? You need to think about what you can offer to the organization and what they will be able to offer you in return.

Part of the huge value of volunteering is it can help you gain skills and experience. Doing things that you didn´t expect to be doing when you started to volunteer.

A good volunteer experience is one where you are needed and given opportunity to grow and develop in your role. I had amazing opportunities to volunteer for and I appreciate the experience I gained and I do not regret the time I investing into free work.

However, there is time and space for all and certainly living in London city, affording all life expenses by yourself, you will surely come to the same conclusion like me to put a hold to free work. I believe that volunteering only works for a period of time but has a limit.

The risk of having an unstable financial support is too high and not worth it living in this expensive city. It is just not right to expect too much of volunteers considering the fact that it is for free. What is free in life today? Freedom. Yes. Willpower. Yes. Peace. Yes. But volunteering without a financial stability is certainly not fun enough after a period of time. Enough is enough.

Question time: philosophy of life

Do you believe in luck or hard work?

Who inspires/d you?

What is your philosophy of life?

Laura Heilanen: “I believe in hard work, willpower, stamina and karma. Good luck can help you as you chase your dreams, but personally I have a very bad luck, but I always find a way to overcome the failures  People who inspire me are those who have a positive approach on life and don’t whine too much about bad things that happen to them. After all, life is what you make of it and comparing yours to others won’t make it any better.  And especially people who have left everything behind and maybe moved to a whole new country to pursue their dream.
My mom said there’s two types of people: “the talkers and the makers”. I get very frustrated with the “talkers”, they keep talking about what they would like to do, but never really get up and do it. When I moved to France by myself at the age of 19, my friends said they are amazed how “brave” I am. I think it takes a lot more courage to actually stay in one place…” (10 Dec 2011)

Aunty Nora: “Let me start by saying that there many starters in life-but very few finish what they start.when the going gets tough, most people fold. they don’t persist hard enough. they don’t have a red-hot flaming burning desire to succeed. they don’t make it their DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE. they don’t take enough personal initiative to make it happen. they don’t go to the extra mile and don’t want it bad enough,that is people who believe in LUCK. and as long as you think that your destiny is in the hands of the other people then your situation is hopeless
you will need to confront your problems with courage, boldness and actions through HARD WORK.
so therefore my dear i believe in HARD WORK cos i want to make it happen nd not to sit down and don’t know whats happening or to watch someone make it happen for me.People who believe in LUCK always find these things at their comfort zone.I would rather pray for a divine intervention than LUCK.
Fine, there are LUCK on peoples side only when you pray for divine intervention nd favors…other than that you will have to think of gambling, which is a NO for me.

Who inspires me?….i have manypeople in mind but to mention a few is my Pastor.he is a councellor, teacher, inspirational speaker,a husband nd a wife..he gives me the encouragement to move and not to look back.

what is my philosophy…..hhmmm ok my philosophy is just the same as my motto and is ……”anything worth doing is worth doing excessively” (9 Dec 2011)

Alexandra Lukas: “Es hört sich ausgelutscht an, aber wir sollten unsere träume verwirklichen. versuchen immer das zu tätigen worauf wir lust haben, ohne dabei anderen zu schaden.

wir sollten die goldene mitte leben. einerseits jeden moment genießen, andererseits an unsere zukunft denken. ja, meine lebensphilosophie ist die goldene mitte” (5 Dec 2011)