Afropunk Fashionistas – Another level

Goodness gracious, Lord have mercy. What happened to my life? Can´t believe what I have been missing out on all these years!

Shout out to Jesus – my personal Lord and saviour! Shout out to my beloved gospel, soul, hip hop, Afro beats- & German artists BUT I guess finding out just now of the Afro punk festival, makes me literally question my life.

The New York Times has described it as the “most multicultural festival in the US”. (

“Afropunk” has become synonymous with open-minded, non-conforming, unconventional and as an urban culture inspired by alternative music. Its participation refers to a majority of African Americans and other black people in the punk scene.

Breed of Ghanaian parents > born and raised in Germany > studied & lived in the UK, is just still not cutting it, when I literally just discovered some amazing pictures of the Afro punk festival 2014.

A simple fact, which I and my fellow Afro – German sisters always agreed on, is:

  • There are trendy young black people in the US & all these “wannabee fashionistas” still ain´t shit here in Germany
  • It t is only by God´s grace to find a natural good dressed, stylish, smart Afro husband potential here in Germany

Well, not to portray Germany as the worst place for Africans to live in – it is quite the opposite. Germany is nice. I love it here and consider it as my home BUT one sad fact is that most of our fellow Afro- German males only dress to impress at Sunday church services or at parties…

No offense given nor to be taken by me please, as I am allowing myself to exaggerate here a bit. I am actually talking about the things I have noticed amongst my fellow Ghanaians brothers and sisters here in Germany.

The Afro Punk festival seems to be attended by people of fashion on another level. I wouldn´t say that this is the way everyone should dress, but as a collective I find the uniqueness of each person photographed just amazing.

I guess: Brooklyn, NYC – that´s what´s up next year summer?!

Here are some pictures of the freshest looking people, in a variety of styles.

(Pictures copied from the link below)



20140824_180700 20140824_182205 20140824_194247 img_7923 img_7936 img_7957 img_7972 img_7986 img_8001 img_8015img_8021 img_8028 img_8043 img_8049 img_8071 img_8075 img_8087 img_8093 20140824_181159 20140824_18353620140824_194816 img_7934 img_7941 img_7959 img_7979 img_7997 img_8011 img_8018 img_8024 img_8030img_8044 img_8052 img_8073  img_8090

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