Afro hair vs Spa Day

I had been given a gift voucher to a spa day at Düsseldorf´s best known beauty and health center. Sauna, hot stone massage, head massage, swimming, treadmill you name it. But imagine – I decided to hold on.  It sounds crazy to think twice about this but the truth must be said.

As a black women with either natural hair or weave on, things like that needs to be planned wisely.

If I think about the expense, time and effort I invest in maintaining my hair, I can´t just get too excited and get the treat started. The amount spent on the hair packets bought and the hair itself styled is a secret but a fortune not to play around with steaming saunas, chloride swimming pool etc. Haha!

Sweat and heat just kills the vibe for a black woman´s hairstyle. A quick wash and blow dry is just not the real deal for our hair. Chilling on the sofa straight after gym is not an option either.

With braids there is nothing to worry about but with natural hair it is. I would obviously need to revive my gym affected hair. So, by placing my hair into twists before the workout, I save up time to instantly chill on the sofa when getting home. The twists will keep my hair stretched and moisturized. Black hair thrives on oil.

As for weave on with either human or synthetic hair, a simple brush and oil spray should be alright, when training at the gym. All the insiders know the pros and cons about human versus synthetic hair. However, when steaming in the sauna or swimming in the pool, preferably not without a cap.

I remember the time back in school, when I couldn´t just leave the hall after swimming lessons at the same time with my mates. It was a long procedure for me when swimming without a cap. I am sure my people feel me on that. Haha! It was either the cap or bringing your mothers holy DAX to school, to use it after your hair wash.


Head scarf, bandana, do-rag or cap – the assortment of headgear is plenty and the choice is wide and yours.

But be informed: ”Prevention is better than cure”.

If you don´t want to spend time in the cure of your hair after a treat or a workout, then plan wisely. Wait to take your hairstyle off, then go for a treat or be ready to spend a good amount of time in your hair afterwards. Black hair is different from anyone else. It is a simple fact, there is nothing wrong with that and definitely needs some more extras.

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