Mr Perfect is the Mr Appropriate

We all come with baggage, we all have a past and in the fullness of time we shall disclose all. We all want the same thing: a nice someone to spend our days and nights with. God will give us what we deserve, not what we want. You might get someone God wants you to change to a better person or to help you yourself making positive changes in your life. Pray to god to get your answers and ask him to open your eyes to acknowledge what is right for you in the right time. Open your heart and judge each potential partner on their merit- don’t let false expectations stop you from receiving the love of a lifetime. There is no Mr. Perfect, but the appropriate one.

Saying yes to love is saying yes to life. It is affirming that only by choosing to experience the good and bad sides of life, you will be able to experience life´s richest rewards.

If you seek love, you have to be willing to accept the whole package, the work and the struggles as well as the joys.

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