Question time: philosophy of life

Do you believe in luck or hard work?

Who inspires/d you?

What is your philosophy of life?

Laura Heilanen: “I believe in hard work, willpower, stamina and karma. Good luck can help you as you chase your dreams, but personally I have a very bad luck, but I always find a way to overcome the failures  People who inspire me are those who have a positive approach on life and don’t whine too much about bad things that happen to them. After all, life is what you make of it and comparing yours to others won’t make it any better.  And especially people who have left everything behind and maybe moved to a whole new country to pursue their dream.
My mom said there’s two types of people: “the talkers and the makers”. I get very frustrated with the “talkers”, they keep talking about what they would like to do, but never really get up and do it. When I moved to France by myself at the age of 19, my friends said they are amazed how “brave” I am. I think it takes a lot more courage to actually stay in one place…” (10 Dec 2011)

Aunty Nora: “Let me start by saying that there many starters in life-but very few finish what they start.when the going gets tough, most people fold. they don’t persist hard enough. they don’t have a red-hot flaming burning desire to succeed. they don’t make it their DEFINITE MAJOR PURPOSE. they don’t take enough personal initiative to make it happen. they don’t go to the extra mile and don’t want it bad enough,that is people who believe in LUCK. and as long as you think that your destiny is in the hands of the other people then your situation is hopeless
you will need to confront your problems with courage, boldness and actions through HARD WORK.
so therefore my dear i believe in HARD WORK cos i want to make it happen nd not to sit down and don’t know whats happening or to watch someone make it happen for me.People who believe in LUCK always find these things at their comfort zone.I would rather pray for a divine intervention than LUCK.
Fine, there are LUCK on peoples side only when you pray for divine intervention nd favors…other than that you will have to think of gambling, which is a NO for me.

Who inspires me?….i have manypeople in mind but to mention a few is my Pastor.he is a councellor, teacher, inspirational speaker,a husband nd a wife..he gives me the encouragement to move and not to look back.

what is my philosophy…..hhmmm ok my philosophy is just the same as my motto and is ……”anything worth doing is worth doing excessively” (9 Dec 2011)

Alexandra Lukas: “Es hört sich ausgelutscht an, aber wir sollten unsere träume verwirklichen. versuchen immer das zu tätigen worauf wir lust haben, ohne dabei anderen zu schaden.

wir sollten die goldene mitte leben. einerseits jeden moment genießen, andererseits an unsere zukunft denken. ja, meine lebensphilosophie ist die goldene mitte” (5 Dec 2011)

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